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I'm so sorry... these documents were all I could save...

Everything is collapsing around me. There's not much time left but I suspect something went wrong in the Tomb, and now reality itself is shifting. I'll do what I can to survive, to keep this information intact. I feel it coming for me... if I see you on the other side, it won't be too soon.

Good luck. - H

Groups and Factions

Factions of Elsir
Arthosian Garde Heroes of Arthos The Shroud Syrinx Federation
Interplanar Factions
Acquisitions Incorporated Factions of Sigil Keepers of Time The Last Rose of Ky'run Wind Dukes of Aaqa
Clans and Families Disbanded
Alsne'ir Adventurers League Bonegrinder Coven Mystery Incorporated Sand Empire Silverwatch Tiefor Empire


Dwarf Elf Halfling Human
Dragon Dragonborn Giant Gnome Goliath Orc Tabaxi
Aarakocra Celestial Dabus Demon Devil Fey Gearforged Gelth Genasi Ghost Incarnate Primordial Tiefling Yuan-ti Yugoloth
Bearkind Darkspawn The Fey Goblinfolk Hag Oni Vampire


Araka Greythorne Erarcc Gwynnara Starkin Rudolph van Richten Hoarus Yrin
Arabelle Krogarova Fryddie Glem Kesarp Hans Aolo Ireena Kolyana Ismark Kolyanovich Jenkins Aolo Ly'raca Nightwell Miles Windmark Olthanas Stratovanson Orthin Nightwell Raeven Nevarris
Major Enemies Minor Enemies
Edward el-Maloi Jathon Jizmok Kharruk Shroudmaster Khishen Shroudlord Rogerr


List of Deities The Ancients
Arrani Haiadyl The Keeper Mirol Orashi-Kun
The Elder Dominion Other Powers
Ashmedai The Dark Powers The Lady of Pain Primus Queen of Chaos Rana Tenebrous Tythos
The Nameless "The True Prince"
Racial Deities
Aothor, Bahamut and Tiamat Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth Corellon Larethian Deep Sashelas Garl Glittergold Garok, the One-Eyed King Lolth Moradin Rillifane Rallathil Sehanine Moonbow Yondalla
Dead Powers


Map of Elsir Elsir
Dranivae East Ky'run Emako The Fringe Halli'dar Qiarin
Eluse Fiorenn The Glades Har'is Highvale Karr'is Maloi Province The Shattered Wing (Alsne'ir)
North Adrik
Dvamir The Wildlands
Serpentis South Adrik
Agrabi Desert Darkvale New Tiefor Tomb of Ra-Nahem Well of the Wild
The Sidewards Spine Tomb of Horrors Viarra Province Wall of Wintell
Other Locations
Ch'tauri Tyria Urythar, the Sunken Kingdom Yu Lyarr
The Universe
Ethereal Plane (The Etherium) Material Plane (Physicus) Elemental Planes (Ele'dus) Plane of Fey (Feywild) The Shadow Realm (Shadowfell)
Ghostlands Manifest
Astral Planes
The Abyssal Expanse Aesar Gaiara The Great Machine Marikhyr The Nine Circles The Outlands Valladus
Demiplanes Domains of Dread
The Endless Road Graefmotte, the Font of Sorrows Monadhan, the Traitor's Hold Ravenloft Sunderheart, the Funeral City
Other Worlds Former Locations

Items and Concepts

Artifacts Concepts Food and Drink Substances Structures and Vehicles
The Emerald Spectre Fort Ghibli Gelth research ship Lirex

Major events

Battle of Pesh Blood War Darkspawn surges The Schism Fourth Era Fifth Era
Greater Ky'run Revolution War for Maloi Province Winterfeast incident in Serpentis
Sixth Era
Return of Ky'run Fourth Battle of Manifest

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